Thank you for your interest in the Beer Army Beer Wars commercial beer competition organized by the Beer Army Foundation, Hosted in the heart of Southern Beer Country - Charlotte, North Carolina.

You only need to register your information once and can return to this site to enter more brews or edit the brews you've entered. You can even pay your entry fees online if you wish.

Thanks and Good Luck To All Who Entered the Beer Army Beer Wars commercial beer competition!

There are 164 registered participants, judges, and stewards.


 -This commerical competition is Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) sanctioned event with all judging being done by BJCP certified judges and beer industry leaders.

-The 2015 BJCP beer style guidelines will be used in judging all beers with the exception of Session IPA which will follow 2016 GABF guidelines.

-This contest is open to any commercial brewery (Must provide TTB Brewers Notice to enter) and homebrewers are not eligible to compete.

-Multiple locations with separate TTB numbers are allowed but multiple locations can NOT submit the same beer/recipe from multiple locations.

-Brewers are limited to one entry per category.

-Entry fee is $55 per entry with no restriction on the number of entries per brewery.

-All mailed entries must be received at the mailing location by the shipping deadline - please allow for shipping time.

-This event is not open to the public. Contestants should NOT send any brewery staff or company personnel, just send your beer enteries.

-Qualified judging of all entries is the primary goal of our event. Judges will evaluate and score each entry. The average of the scores will rank each entry in its category. Each entry will be judged by at least 2 judges.

-The competition organizers are NOT responsible for mis-categorized entries, mailed entries that are NOT received by the entry deadline, or entries that arrived damaged.

-All proceeds go to charity.

Judging Locations and Dates

NoDA Brewing Company
2921 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28206
Saturday, January 13, 2018 8:00 AM, EST

Competition Officials

You can send an email to any of the following individuals via Contact.

  • Joe Domm — Competition Director
  • Matt Smith — Operations Director